Monday, August 27, 2007

.NET Stock Trader Application

Microsoft has created a sample online stock trading application to demo the securities industry that its Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and .NET technologies can be used for high-performance applications within a service-oriented architecture. The application also offers full interoperability with J2EE and IBM Websphere sample application.

I am working as a Technology Consultant in capital markets domain and have noticed that microsoft technologies are still not popular and not the first choice as development tools for trading applications. However i think this sample application might open a few doors and show people the power and flexibilty of microsoft technologies.

The .NET stock trader application uses:
  • Service-oriented, n-tier design with ASP.NET and WCF.
  • NET 3.0 with Windows Communication Foundation.
  • .NET Enterprise Application Server Technologies.

Check it out here: .NET Stock Trader App

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