Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Google's gPhone

I have been hearing about Google's gPhone for over six months now but it was mostly speculation and hype by somebody on his blog or some avid google follower who thinks google is not only working on a gPhone, but also on an Operating System, a revolutionary gComputer and etc. etc.. list goes on.

However, the on again, off again offering to the mobile world by the search giant is reaching fanatical levels of hype and thanks to a recent news story by Rediff News in India, the hype is only getting worse. The story published by Rediff said that the gPhone is two weeks away from launch!!!! Now that is some serious speculation. Sources close to the development said a simultaneous launch across the US and Europe and India is expected, and announcements would be sent to media firms in India and other parts of the world in a week.

Well but all this is still simply a rumor, but a good one nevertheless. Lets wait and watch if google makes an official announcement. If they come out with a gPhone by any chance i am definitely going to get my hands on it asap, as i just love the way they make software.

Opps...aren't we talknig about hardware too over here!!!

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