Thursday, August 30, 2007

Behave# and NSpec - Behaviour Driven Development

I found something new today. I was reading casper's blog and came across Behave# and NSpec.

Behave# is a framework for defining and executing application requirement goals. These characterizations are modeled after the Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) terms Story, Scenario, Given, When, Then.

Behaviour Driven Development, or BDD, represents the evolution of current coding practices with respect to Test Driven Development (TDD).

One of the good points of behave# is that that if you want to specify Exceptions as part of your story, this forces you to move away from [ExpectedException]. Which is a Good Thing anyway.
It is quite verbose, although the verbose-ness is one of the qualities that could make it attractive to product owners or PMs. The code is really to express acceptance tests rather than developer-focused 'unit' tests. (Have a look of Behave# code example on casper's blog)

I think i am going to try a real world example and see how it goes or to put it more appropriately to see if it grows on me and how comfortable i feel.

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