Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RegistrySecurity class

Recently, i was going through System.Security.AccessControl namespace and i came across DirectorySecurity class, FileSecurity class and RegsitrySecurity class.

I was really impressed by the RegistrySecurity class. it represents the Represents the Windows access control security for a registry key.A RegistrySecurity object specifies access rights for a registry key, and also specifies how access attempts are audited. Access rights to the registry key are expressed as rules, with each access rule represented by a RegistryAccessRule object. Each auditing rule is represented by a RegistryAuditRule object.

This mirrors the underlying Windows security system, in which each securable object has at most one discretionary access control list (DACL) that controls access to the secured object, and at most one system access control list (SACL) that specifies which access attempts are audited. The DACL and SACL are ordered lists of access control entries (ACE) that specify access and auditing for users and groups. A RegistryAccessRule or RegistryAuditRule object might represent more than one ACE.