Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Team Foundation Server

the project i am working at my job is planning to shift to Team Foundation Server. Thus i am looking for the most common questions related to it.
Here are a couple of them.

Is it a good idea to use the same machine as "build machine" and "team foundation server"?

It is not a good idea to make Team Foundation Server machine as build machine for real life deployment (ok for demos/trials etc). The main reason is for debugging build failures etc, many people in org may need access to build machine and that could pose a security threat to the server.

Where all do I need to install the fxcop tool (that came with the VSTS for developer DVD) to enable static analysis in Team Build?

Only build machine.

Over the next few weeks i will collect some more questions and post them on my blog, so as to createa sort of repository for common questions related to Team Foundation Server.

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