Thursday, February 23, 2006

Windows Vista News

It's just released and its official.
Microsoft Corp. is giving businesses a preview of Vista, the next version of its flagship Windows operating system. Microsoft now says Vista is now "feature complete," with the release of Vista Build 5308,meaning that all of the fundamental capabilities that Vista will eventually offer are now baked in. Development efforts aren't slowing-the user experience will continue to evolve, bugs will get fixed, performance and compatibility will improve-but the basic shape of the operating system has been solidified, and from here on out we expect to see mostly fine-tuning rather than wholesale changes.

Earlier this year, the Windows SDK team started working on the "Windows Vista Developer Story". This massive 500+ page document provides real content to developers looking to get started writing Windows Vista applications using the new Windows SDK.They have named the document as:

"Making Your Application a Windows Vista Application: The Top Ten Things to Do".

From the developer pint of view, the main features that i am looknig forward to are:
Search, Organize and Visualize in Windows Vista
Security for Applications in Windows Vista,
Windows Communication Foundation ("Indigo")
Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon")

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