Saturday, February 18, 2006

5 careers: Big demand, big pay

Recently i came across an article on CNN Money, which mentioned five top jobs in demand at the moment. It says that if you're in one of the jobs listed here, you may be able to negotiate a sweet pay hike for yourself when changing employers. It sounded ineresting and going through the article i found that .NET jobs is among one of the five mentioned.

The List is as follows:

Accounting (CPA designation)
Sales and marketing (healthcare and biomedical fields)
Legal (Intellectual property attorneys specializing in patent law and the legal secretaries)
Technology (.NET Developers)
Manufacturing and engineering (quality and process engineers)

It feels good to see that my main stream (.NET Enterprise Software Development) is one of the most in demand jobs. I hope i improve my skills even further and cash in on this boom.

For the full article check it out here

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