Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jumping from Windows to Mac . No Windows7 for me?

Last two times at the release of the new microsoft operating system, I got the new pc with the new OS. It was great using Windows XP and to be frank i have enjoyed using Windows Vista. It never crashed on me and i always had a good peformance. My PC was pretty good at the time i bought it (time of vista release - Jan 2007)and is still very good with 4 GB of Ram, Intel Core2 Duo and 160 Gb hard disk. (i dont use much digitla media, so 160 Gb was fine for me).
Now as we are expecting Windows7 release osmetime this year, its time to buy a new PC with the new OS. However i am not sure about it this time. Mind you Windows 7 seems good. I have it installed on my test PC, though i havent done much on it.

However i am planning to jump the ship and move to Mac. I do use Mac occassionally at the uni and i find it really hard to use it, but still i want to move to Mac. Why then i want to move to Mac? Its the iPhone which has convienced me that i got to get the Mac. I got to try it fulltime as my only workstation. Only then will i know if its good for me. As i use Visual Studio for development, i will need to use VMware Fusion. So i ahve decided that my next comp is Mac.
When? - I plan to buy a Mac around summer time. I am still deciding on wihch one..
I dont know if i will ever have a Windows7 PC. Let see what happens in the next 6 months.

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