Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Google vs. Microsoft: reality check

I know google has been doing great work over the past year or two, but is it that Microsoft is out? I odnt think so. I came across Jobsblog and read quite a few intersting things. I have collected a few of those facts and here they are:

Why Google IS Afraid of Microsoft, Big Time

Microsoft pummels Google in the “In-Game Advertsing” space. How? Google buys a small San-Fran company to meet the challenge. Microsoft buys the world-leader in the industry for In-game advertising.
Microsoft delivers a solid uppercut in Voice-activated local directory assistance. How? Google announces an experimental service that may not be available at all times and may not work for all users. (Cute) Microsoft acquires TellMe Networks. Heard of them? Most likely, you’ve been using them for the longest time. Almost half of all directory assistance calls are processed on TellMe’s voice platform, and roughly one in three Americans use Tellme every year to get things done.

Assertion that Microsoft's 'Dead' Doesn't Compute
“When a software runs more than 90% of the desktops on the planet — and will for the foreseeable future — it's simply not dead.”“Windows runs on the vast majority of desktops in the world; Linux and OSX make up less than 10% combined”(Microsoft) “…earned $12.6 billion after taxes in its last fiscal year.

Well this article was written by a guy who currently works for Microsoft (you might have guessed that) and is an ex-googler

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