Saturday, August 19, 2006

Earn or Learn

Though its a saturday, but i had to go to work due to the huge amount of work left to be done with the deadline approaching.

I was chatting to a friend of mine and he said what am i doing in office on saturday .When people get a job, most of them as far as i know enjoy their work for a few weeks and then it becomes routine job for them. The main purpose of job then is to earn a living and be satisfied.

However as i just finished work i was thinking of the difference between the words "Earn" and "Learn". If any of you did not notice what i mean,
Learn = L + earn.
I also need money, i also want to be really rich but......and yes there is a but here.
Since finishing my Masters Degree last year i have been working as a software developer.I see my work as a learning experience through which i earn, and i dont see it as an income source, where i might learn a bit. i am learning every second of my job. i am exploring new ideas and this gives me immense satisfaction.

I thoroughly enjoy my experience of work. What can be better than getting paid for something you like to do for most of the time of your day.

Learn = "Earn through what you love to do"
= Loving the work you are doing + earning.

Another thing which i would love to od and get paid for is travelling. Right now iwant to concentrate on my career as a software developer. However in the future it would be nice if somebody paid me to travel all around the world:).

Even better, a job as a professional software developer where i get to travel a lot and meet new people, see new places. That would be a dream come true job.

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