Sunday, May 14, 2006

.NET vs Java World on Google Trends

Recently, I came across Google Trends. I have been playing with it for a while analysing the various trends.

It just popped in my mind, "why not try google trends to see as to what it reveals for .NET and Java".
The result was bit of a surpirse to me because i thought was .NET was much closer to Java in terms of usage for especially enterprise software development.


  1. So .NET is lagging behind a lot that means.. Microsoft still got a long way to go dude. Even i am a .NET programmer but still believe JAVA was revolutionary and purely innovative.

  2. Google Trends shows the trend in searches involving any search phrase. We've (those who studied the .NET MSc @ Univ of Hull) know it better that how same .NET and Java technologies are. Infact, we even used JVM as a case study to understand the Virtual Machine Architectures and thus understand .NET CLR Architecture. I agree that searches for .NET and C# were very much lesser than the J2EE and Java. But, if you question why it is like this, you should have been familiar with how people complained against Microsoft choosing ".NET" as the name instead of some search friendly name. In fact, I remember in those initial days, I hardly used to get any results in Google upon searching for .NET. I think Microsoft started to tackle google way back even with the naming of .NET. May be they (M$) on purpose choose a name that was difficult to be searched in Google or for that matter any search engine. How does this conspiracy sound?